Where to Use Mathematics in Poker

Math may be one of the most dreaded subjects in school but in the poker world, players wished day have studied it more. Poker is not only a game of skill and chance but also a game of Mathematics where you should be able to calculate the odds to give you an edge in each hand play.

While it is still possible to win at poker without using Math, incorporating it in your plays will help you improve your game, give you an advantage and higher probability to beat your opponents. Almost all poker players use math and may not be aware of it. Counting the amount of money in the pot is already using basic Math.

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Here are some situations or strategies where Mathematics comes in to play in poker:

Pot Odds– make use of basic Math to determine whether to call bets or not with drawing hands. Knowledge of this concept is essential to know if you’ll be a winner or a loser player. Mathematics comes handy in computing pot odds either in ratio method or percentage method.

Implied Odds- involves evaluation of how much money you expect to win after completing your draw. In this case, Math is used simply by making estimation of your probable winnings based on an understanding of your opponent and the situation. You can calculate implied odds by computing how much you need to win from “calling” in order to profit.

Fold Equity-Using Math in this situation will help you know the percentage chance that your opponent will fold. This has a simple equation: Fold equity= (chance opponent will fold) x (opponent’s equity in the hand). Knowing fold equity is beneficial in making pure bluff profitable.

Pot Equity– also called poker equity is a mathematical application to the game that will help you learn why you should be betting or checking in certain situations. Applying your Math skills will help your betting strategy more profitable.

Hand Combinations- Math is used here to work out how many different combinations of a hand exist in a certain situation. Knowledge of the combinations will help you make better decisions basing from the probability of hands showing up and also get some information about your opponent’s range.

Understanding the role of Math in poker will help a player remain emotionally stable and confident. Beating poker is very much possible if you know where and how to use your Mathematical skills. It takes years of practice to master the mathematical poker techniques and you can start practicing now at Golden Slot Casino, one of the most liked online casinos where you can play golden slots machine games and poker for free or for real money.

Ernest Bushee