How To Win More Money Online Using Soccer Statistics

The first thing you need to do is sign up to a good (and free) soccer statistics website. There is a free soccer rankings and statistics website called that you can use.

Get your free account with just your email address and a password of your choosing. You do not have to give personal details or any sort of payment. Once you have your account, you are able to use their tipping algorithm. It does all of the statistics searching for you, and it does the math for you, so that you do not have to figure it out for yourself. At this point, you may simply use their tips to place bets, and the returns are reasonable. Or, you could try a few of these online bets.

Trebles And Fourfolds Are Reasonable Winners

Search out three or four team that are going to win according to the Soccer Keep tipping tool. Place a fourfold or treble bet on them, and if the tips are correct, you will probably make in excess of 300% profit. Plus, you do not need to bet large amounts in order to win a reasonable return.

Since you are making accumulator bets, you are probably going to lose a few here and there. After all, only one prediction needs to falter in order for your bet to lose. However, if you make several accumulator bets using the tips you find on the Soccer Keep website, then your winnings will always beat your losses; assuming you bet the same amount on each bet.


Doubles Upon Doubles Have A Higher Win Rate

With this bet, you search out seven tips for seven different matches on the website. Bet for a win or draw (depending on what the betting tip suggests).

Once you have finished, you should have 7 bets on your online betting slip. Place your bet as a double. This will result in a total of 21 bets being placed. It sounds like a lot, but if you only bet 10 cents/Eurocents per bet, then it is only $2.10 per bet.

If you place this sort of bet, then your return will not be in the hundreds, but the chances of you winning money back are dramatically improved. If you try this bet, then your win rate will rise dramatically, but your potential returns are slightly less when compared with other accumulator bets.

Search For Contradictions In Live Play Matches

This is a clever trick you can try. The win rate is very low, but the returns are very high, and with the Soccer Keep tipping tool, you have an added advantage, so your income will (very) often dramatically exceed your outgoing.

Here is how it works. You look for soccer matches that are already in play. Look for games where a team is winning by at least two goals. You will notice that the odds against the other team winning are often very long (this is good). If the game has at least 20 minutes left on the clock, then go to Soccer Keep and see what their betting tips say. If the tip says that the winning team will win, then forget it. If the tip says the losing team is supposed to win, then go back to the online gambling website and bet on it.

The chances of the losing team scoring three goals before the end of the match are remote, but it happens far more often than the bookies would like to admit. If the Soccer Keep tipping function claims that a losing team is going to win, then bet on it. There is often a higher-than-average chance of the losing team making a comeback, at which point, you will win a small fortune on your bet. It’s easy, and you don’t have to spend a great deal of money to win a reasonable sum back.

Charlie Thacker