Tips and tricks of placing a bet in horse racing

Horse racing is all about understanding the statistics of the game. The better the understanding the better are the chances of a person placing an intelligent bet and winning good amount of money on sports betting sites like But in order to understand these statistics, there are some tricks which need to be learnt and applied like:

    • Race card reading: The importance of a race card lies in the fact that it tells all details about the horses that are participating in the current race. Hence it needs to be read properly using the following tips:
      • The ranking of the horse with regards to the position he finished the race in is shown by the numerals 1 to 9.
      • Any horse ranked 0 has finished outside the top 10.
      • The presence of a “-“between the numbers indicates the previous year’s ranking along with the current.
      • The presence of “/” between 2 numbers shows the outcome of two subsequent seasons.
      • Other common letters used are B for brought down, F for fell, P for pulled up, R for refused to jump, U for unseated rider etc.


  • Other important terminologies:


    • Forecast pertains to predicting which horses would get the top 2 positions in the current race,
    • Tricast talks of predicting the first 3 positions,
    • Match betting is a term which involves placing the full concentration on one horse that is expected to win in a head to head start while ignoring all the other horses in the field,
    • Pro Racecard is for the experienced and confident punters of horse racing who have the ability to confidently bet on the underdogs on online betting sites like .

Other terminologies like the combination tricast or the straight forecast, the reverse forecast etc., are all variations of forecasts and tricasts.