Mobile Poker clients are comparable to the Desktop counterparts?

Mobile devices are a huge market right now. The increase in popularity of those devices happened in a short amount of time, in less than 15 years more exactly. With them the idea of personal portable computing become a reality. This meant that a lot of development started to took place on different mobile platforms, each of them bringing their own innovation to the table.

As of now the most popular mobile operating systems are Android and iOS and on each there are a series of mobile poker games. Games that you can find on the operating system specific stores or offered for download by some betting websites.

Right now will focus on mobile poker clients from betting websites and respond to the following question: do they rose at the same level as the Desktop counterparts?

At first the power clients on mobile weren’t that great, but now i must say that they are exactly the same as on a desktop. The screen is a little bit small, at least in some cases, but you are winning in terms of portability and flexibility. Basically with the game installed on a mobile phone you can play anywhere, anytime without restrictions. The only condition you need to fulfill is the internet connection, so you can sync the client with the online servers.

Now most of the mobile clients offers multiplayer support so you can play with other mobile phone players, gamble with real money and interact with just a few touches on the interface.

And in some situations it’s more convenient to play on the mobile phone because the interface is more interactive.

Can the mobile phone replace the Desktop Client?

Well…i guess it depends on many factors and most importantly, if you are comfortable gambling on the phone. Some people really don’t like the small screen experience and they prefer to multitask better when they are in a game. If you don’t mind having a smaller screen and also don’t have a problem if the battery of your device is draining at a rapid pace, Why not?

Now some of the poker clients on mobile are similar if not identical to the desktop ones.

But can you gamble with real money on mobile?

Of course! The mobile poker clients from online casinos let you play with real money, that’s the primordial way on which they work. Filling up your account it’s done with just a few taps from your account control panel. Furthermore, for US players, it became legal now to join and play online poker in selected states, as per the Fox News 

Mobile Poker clients are comparable to the Desktop counterparts?

The mobile gaming in the case of online casinos sees a constant evolution and in the near future the grand majority of gambling will be done on mobile. So if you decided that from now on you will access your favorite poker sites just on mobile, it’s not a wrong move at all. Because the clients on mobile are similar to the Desktop ones.

Now grab you phone and make sure you don’t lose that hand.