Live Poker vs. Online Poker

The only thing online poker and live poker have in common are the rules of the game, while everything from game pace to strategy differs.  If you are interested in playing poker online, you can find free poker bonus chips at Some time ago, there was little crossover between online poker pros and traditional poker pros. Online pros were having trouble transitioning into live poker games, and the same went for live poker pros attempting to play online. Times have changed with many poker pros now finding success with online and live games.

Let’s consider the top six differences in online poker vs. Live.

Bet Sizing

At opening preflop raises, live games feature different betting sizes compared to online games. Opening for 5x, 6x or more is not rare in live games but alien to online games which open for 2x, 2.5x or 3x the big blind.

Heads-Up Pots vs. Multi-Way

Looser play occurs more often in live action due to players calling more pre-flop bets. This leads to more multi-ways pots taking place in live games. Pre-flop betting online usually creates a heads-up situation.

Calling or Folding

A single click on a call button is easier done online because players are more eager to make big post-flop bets with weak or medium strength hands, which is not the case live. Big river bluffs get through easily online depending on the player’s situation.

Frequency of Bad Beats

The ease of more callers online is responsible for many bad beats standard at the micros and lower limit in online games. The small stakes can be tricky encouraging more calls.

The Timing Of The Game

The fact that online games are faster than live poker games is evident. Online pros can’t tolerate the pace in live games. The avenue to a multi-table in online poker means you can play 3 – 4x  more hands per hour versus a live game.

Variance Effect In Online Poker Vs. Live Poker

There is an artificial effect of the faster pace of online play on short term play called Variance Effect. For example, you might log-in online playing the number of hands you would have played in the span of one week in a day. This will accelerate your variance significantly meaning a faster and larger bankroll swings in a short space of time. You need to consider a better management for your cash game buy-in or tournament entry fees in online poker. You have less worry in live games.

Online Tells Vs. Live Poker Tells

You don’t see your opponent online, and you don’t talk except for when you use the chatbox. Experienced live players can easily spot a less experienced player who let go of information.

Charlie Thacker