Enjoy The Egyptian Tradition In Slot Game With Cleopatra

Created by the pivotal gem developers of International Gaming Technology, Cleopatra slot is always available over here. This firm is known for distributing and creating the best software, meant for both land based and online casinos, around the globe. And this game is one such example, around here. This game is a popular one, which even has a sequel to it. The second sequel is primarily termed as Cleopatra II slot machine.

As defined by the name itself, this game is solely based on the enchanting queen Cleopatra of Egypt. While playing this game, you will come to learn a lot more about its culture in the same game play. In case, you want to try your hand in the slots, then this game is something, which you want to try out, for sure.


Going towards the features:

The current Cleopatra slot game is solely based on the norms of the traditional games. However, there are some differences associated with it, and it lies between regular slots. This game is focusing more on three reels, and the game suddenly comes with certain five reels. This game is mostly created in such a way, which can easily enable the touch feature. It helps in adding more to the player’s interactivity of this certain game.

This game comprises of 20 pay lines. The players have the right to bet. After that, each coin is dropped into slots, which can easily activate the current pay line.

More on minimum and maximum bet

Player has the right to wager a minimum bet of one penny. And this amount can hike up to its maximum limit, which is of $10, on each pay line. The normal betting is likely to range between the $0.10 and $5. The player has proper chance to win as much as 10,000 credits. It is considered to be the maximum payout amount of the game, for every pay line, which is now activated.

Unique elements added to it

There are some unique qualities, which will help you to work on the best round of Cleopatra. It uses a whole lot of interesting associations from the Egyptian culture. Some of those revolve around languages and musical symbols. There is an addition of seductive voice over here, which is likely to be associated with the queen’s voice.

It will surely help in keeping players in fixation for many hours. Cleopatra always has a huge range of popularity for her beauty. And adding such amazing animations and video graphics are always going to make this game a popular one. It will ever get out of its charm that easily.

Incorporating tradition with gameplay

The best part about this game is that it can easily incorporate Egyptian culture and tradition with the modern gameplay. The symbols, as located on reels, are of different elements. These elements are mostly associated with the Egyptian culture. It helps in adding some more authenticity of game by just working on some of the regular slots, as well. The packages are going to work as per gamer’s requests.

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