Click To Know What Is Online Poker Rakeback?

online poker rakeback

The online poker rakeback sites make their money by holding on to the rake, a certain percentage of every pot contributed to by players. Rake back is basically a system where a site refunds a percentage of the rake and also other fees paid.

Rake back has now also turned into an exciting promotional scheme for the affiliates referring and recruiting players to poker rooms. As soon as we sign up for rake back on a poker site, we would receive a percentage of the rake generated by the poker room. Hence, this process is called a “rake back” process.

What percentage of rake do players get back?

This differs from site to site, and it also on the rake of contributed.  While some online poker rakeback sites claim to offer up to 76% rake back, but that’s typically for very, very high volume players and is from the combined promotions the sites offer. An average players expects to see rake back in the 15%-30% range.

The benefits of getting online poker rakeback

Rake is a percentage of the pot by the poker site as a fee for hosting the game. Online poker Rakeback in typically falls in the 3%-5% range and is usually more capped at a fixed amount. Rake back is a percentage, ranging from 12 to 27 percent depending on how much we bet. It’s important to bear in mind then, that what we are getting back with rake back is not a percentage of what you bet it is a percentage of a percentage. For the example, if we made $500 in bets in a week that amounts to about $25 in a rake. So, even if we rake back percentage is a high 50%, we are only getting back $12.50 from the original $500 we spent. Hence, these benefits in getting a lot in rake back.

online poker rakeback

A Rake back can or cannot be got right away but this totally depends from site to site. Some sites will pay out rake back weekly, some daily and others monthly. Also other sites have rake back-equivalent which rewards purchasable with VIP points from the VIP store.

Rake back in online poker and the promotional

Hence, the amount generated by the poker rooms from the pots, they would give back 30% to the players as a part of the “rake back” figure. At the same time online poker rakeback may seem to be significant amount, but once we play poker for a longer period of time, it turns out to be a big amount. Also it is seen that, the majority of professional players make around $50,000 a year, from the rake back alone, besides the profits they make while playing the poker.

In order to claim the rake back, we did not really think to be a regular player. It has been observed that low limit players with a bankroll of merely $100, can also make about $1000 a year, simply by playing on smaller stakes cash tables.