Biggest Australian Lottery Jackpot Records

A lottery is a form of prize distribution where the winners are selected from a pool of contestants, each paying a certain amount. This small bit of investment by each participant is collected together to form large and small prizes to be distributed amongst the lucky contestant at a particular day and time. Australia is home to many sporting and cultural events. Lottery companies have invested a considerable amount in this form of entertainment. Australian lotteries or the ‘lotto’ as the locals call it are now world famous and people can buy tickets and get results through online websites.

Some of the most famous lotteries in Australia include Saturday Lotto also known as the Tatts lotto, The Oz Lotto, and the Australian Powerball lottery. The primary reason for their high popularity is the amount of chances people get to win prizes in this lottery and also the jackpot prizes these lotteries offer.Oz Lotto jackpot prize alone can go up to 10 Million a week.

Biggest Lottery Jackpots distributed in Australia

One of the best things about the Australian lottery is that you do not need to pay any tax on your prize money. This means that what you earn money as a reward, it goes directly into your pocket. Although you have one in a million chances to win a jackpot prize, the amount is definitely worth giving these lotteries a try.

Some of the biggest jackpot prizes in Australian lottery histories went as high as AUD112 Million. People play the Australian lotto more for fun rather than aiming for the prize money. But if they win the big buck, they are set for life.

Here is a list of some of the biggest lottery prizes that have been won by certain lucky individuals in the last few years:

  • In August 2018, there were two people that came out as winners in the Powerball lottery. The prize money distributed amongst them was $100 Million. In the same month, OZ Lotto distributed a grand prize of $70 Million to its two contestants as well. Australian Powerball distributed another bumper prize in January 2018 worth $55 Million. These jackpot prizes have reigned at the top of Australian lotto rewards so far this year.
  • Between June and July 2017, $80 Million were distributed amongst 3 people for winning the jackpot prize for Gold and OzLotto.
  • In August 2016, 2 winners shared a bumper prize of $40 Million by Gold Lotto. In the same year, a jackpot prize of $70 Million was won by a power ball winner as well.
  • In 2015, Powerball lottery distributed 2 large jackpot prizes worth $100 Million. OZ Lotto also rewarded a jackpot prize of $60 Million.
  • 2014 Powerball lottery winners won a jackpot prize of $70 Million.
  • A single winner earned $70 Million through the Oz Lotto jackpot prize in 2013.
  • The largest prize ever distributed in the Australian lottery history was in November of 2012. The jackpot winners shared a reward of $111 Million Dollars.
  • In 2009, Australia Gold Lotto results showed two winners for the jackpot prize. The amount distributed between the two was $106 Million. Two Powerball lottery winners earned a total of $80 Million in the same year.

How the winners of Jackpot Prizes react to the news

The above facts clearly show that Australian lotto is a growing business in the country. The number of jackpot prizes is clear proof that lotteries are quite popular in the country and people love to take part in the game. People who win such huge prizes are initially stone struck but eventually put their win to a good use.

Once a winner has been announced for a jackpot prize, the President of the lottery company makes the call to the contestants. The experience that people on both sides go through is priceless as explained by Matt Hart the spokesperson for Tatts Group. Tatts Group operates the Tatts Lotto which is locally known as the Gold or Saturday Lotto as well. The last call that Mr. Hart made to their lucky winner ended up with an exclamation of ‘Hallelujah’ from the other side. The winner of $35 Million jackpot prize was a 50-year individual from NSW.

Popular lotteries in Australia

The prizes offered in Australian lotteries are dependent on how many people take part in the game. For this very reason, the highest jackpot prizes in Australian lottery are offered during the Christmas or New Year’s break.

The method of how you play a lottery is usually the same across the board. People need to select a random set of numbers and the closer they are from the series drawn from the ballet, the higher their prize money. Lottery operators that market their product well and use the latest technology to offer convenience to their customers are more famous than others. The most popular ones include:

Oz Lotteries – These lotteries are famous all over the Australian continent and now all around the world as well. Oz Lotteries can be played online or contestants can buy their Oz Lotto tickets from the local distributors. Oz Lotteries take place every day of the week weekly Oz Lotto Jackpot prize can go up to AUD10 Million. Although people take part in this lottery every day, most tickets are distributed for the Saturday game. The reason being that people want to get together with friends and family and celebrate their wins together.

Powerball Lotto – Another world-famous lottery which is organized in Australia attracts millions of people every year due to their large jackpot prize. Powerball lotto consists of two machines with 35 and 20 balls each. Contents need to select 7 numbers from the first machine and 1 Powerball number from the second. Two win the jackpot prize, winners need to match all 8 numbers including the Powerball number with the draw number.

Saturday Lotto or the Gold Lotto is also famous in Australia. Australia Gold Lotto results suggest that the odds of winning this lottery are 1 in 8 million.

Australian lotteries offer the largest amounts of jackpot prizes anywhere in the world. People who win these prizes can enjoy their investment for many years to come.

Ernest Bushee