Betting analysis for the Running and Football events this Olympics

Betting on sports is a craze that is increasing day by day and with the Olympic Games starting just within a week, the time is right to make some good money by betting on the various events. There are various online websites that provide you with a chance of betting from your home only through your mobile or laptops. But you need to be quite shrewd as far as the sports betting is concerned as the competition is quite stiff and the chances of winning can be very slim if you are not that aware. Here are some of the events on which you can bet to make some good money:


This can be a guaranteed money garner bet for you especially when you bet for the men’s 100m & 200m as there is hardly anyone who can beat the Usain Bolt and by pitching in some good amount in Favor of the thunder bolt, you can make decent money. The odds are highly on him to win and so you might not get a high profit but considering his form and record, it would be safe to bet on him this Olympics as far running is concerned.


Football in this year’s Olympic has become so very exciting with the hosting opting to send in their best player Neymar to play for them. This has hugely tilted the odds in favor of the Brazilians but history is not with them and there are certain other teams in the circuit that can give them a run for their money.

There are various ways in which you can place your bet and as far as the top scorers are concerned, Neymar might be the best choice as he is at least a cut above the rest of the players taking part in the competition this year.

Evelyn King