Amazing Casino Hacks from Different Parts of the World

The casino is the perfect place for those looking for fun and easy money. A lot of people are beguiled to the glitz and glamour of the casino world attributing to its continuous growth and success. This multi billion dollar industry however, attracts not only the gamblersbut also a number of scammers whose goal is to beat the casinos and steal their money.


Check out some of the greatest hacks in recent history tried by people from different corners of the world.

  • In 2013, an unidentified Australian hacked the Crown Casino in Melbourne through hacking the surveillance system and took 33 million AUD. It was said that the man has successfully robbed the casino with an accomplice looking at the surveillance footage of the entire gambling floor while the unknown man was sitting in one of the VIP table with an earpiece. The accomplice then relayed what bets and plays can give him the maximum profit.
  • At a baccarat table in Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa located in Atlantic City, Phil Ivey Jr., a poker player was able to hack his way to a $9.6 million by using the “edge sorting” scheme. This technique is done by observing and looking for some defects in certain cards then memorized the imperfections and uses it to identify the cards. Although, sorting is not illegal, casinos do not like it and anyone caught doing this method will most likely get thrown out of the casino.
  • The Phuong Quoc Truong Gang was able to take away $7 million from 25 different casinos. Phuong Quoc Truong traveled to the U.S. and formed his group with 30 accomplices including dealers. The accomplice dealer pretends to shuffle the card but in actual, the cards remained in the same order. One player would then relay the information through a tiny microphone. Upon getting the instruction he then gives a signal to the other accomplice players to make their bets.
  • Back in 2004, the Ritz Casino in London was scammed by a trio of gamblers from Siberia and Hungary who managed to get £1.3 million from a roulette table. The hacked was carried through utilizing a laser technology. It was said that the group supposedly used a laser scanner in their mobiles connected to a computer which then predicts the numbers with the higher chance of winning big. The scanner can tell the roulette’s ball speed and can suggest which numbers it may land.
  • Three Italians and a Frenchman cheated their way to 64,000 Euros from the Princes Casino in Cannes by using a special contact lens that can see invisible markings done by their accomplice players.

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Charlie Thacker