3 Reasons to Play Online Poker

3 Reasons to Play Online Poker

Online poker is one of the most popular forms of online gambling around. It combines the fortune element of other casino games with the complex skills required to play. In this post we’re going to share a few reasons why online poker is worth playing in 2021 and beyond. By the end of this post, you’ll be itching to fire up a cash game or tournament.

New and Fishy Players

The old saying “poker is dead” has been debunked loads of times. There’s plenty of bad players around to make poker profitable. All you need to do is look for the softest poker sites and play some cash games to see what we mean.

Remember, every year a new generation of adults are eligible to play online poker who never played before. Most of these barely know the rules and are just having fun. Beating these players is not a huge challenge if you know the fundamentals and have some experience.

Loads of Cool Variants

The major poker sites are not resting on their laurels only offering texashold’em. They keep inventing new forms of poker to keep things exciting. If you’re sick of playing the usual poker games on offer, try one of the new forms.

The best thing about the new games is the speed they play at. There are blast tournaments and fast-fold poker tables that allow you to play loads more hands in a short space of time. This is ideal for full time working professionals who don’t have much time for online poker.

Tournament Series with Great Prize-pools

The final reason to play is the prizes on offer. Every major site has regular tournament series that guarantee lucrative prize-pools. Many of the tournaments can be satellited in and what’s better is they often run “mini-series” tournaments where the buy-in is a fraction of the major series. Often, the prizes for the top places are in the thousands making it very tempting to play.

Check out the major poker sites and see what tournament schedules they offer. Most are available on the website without need to download the client. They’re often filled with recreational players who are just having a laugh on their phone. This makes them very profitable if you are a sound tournament player and know the steps to play poker online.

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