Winning the Table, The Tricky Tasks of Poker

Do not get involved in many hands or in multi-way pots (with more than one opponent), as in previous stages. Here, the stack and blind ratio is small, and we have no space to waste chips. Remember that the goal of the tournament is to accumulate all the chips, from all opponents, and when you lose a blind, you stop winning a blind by doubling your stack and the opponent, who won your blind, will win a blind extra when folding. So don’t waste your chips on unnecessary calls.

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Raise, Not Call

Avoid paying increases. Bet on link joker123 more, be the aggressor. Always have fold equity (FE) at your side. The number of times an opponent folds, in the face of his raise or raise, can turn hands with negative expectation (-EV) into hands with positive expectation (+ EV). Having FE is one of the most important weapons at final tables.

Meet the Enemy

At the semifinal link download joker123 table, take the opportunity to collect as much information and make observations about your opponents. Press those that feel the pressure of the FT bubble. These are the ones who will play more passively and with a very low bluff percentage in their arsenal.

Online, you can search for each player on the OPR or Sharkscope. Observe who is regular, recreational, and profitable and, above all, what their average buy-in is in relation to the tournament prize pool. Low stakes players feel a lot more pressure in the final stages of mid and high stakes tournaments, for example.

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Be Careful With High Variance Plays

Avoid moves where decisions have little EV. The long term of FT is much more difficult to achieve. Thus, a play can be + EV in relation to the chips, but -EV if we take the prize into account. This can be calculated using the ICM (Independent Chip Model). A good example is an all-in against two opponents. In addition to the chips, when one of them falls, you jump to the next prize range, which makes a big difference in the final profitability.

Set Your Targets

Play pots, preferably, against medium stacks. They are not in a situation where they would like to wrap all the chips in one hand, and when they feel they are behind, they are likely to fold. And abuse the shorts players. Most of the time, they will be playing tight, which gives us good fold equity.

Playing With Little Chips

If you are short, avoid going all-in with weak hands against players with large stacks. The tendency is for them to call with a very wide range of hands.

Don’t Desperate

Start playing tighter. Observe table and player trends. This will facilitate decision making.

Aggressive, Not Crazy

Play more aggressively, prefer to raise and re-raise instead of just calling, but remember: aggression is not synonymous with stupidity. Here, it is worth repeating: fold equity, fold equity, fold equity.

Be Careful With Moves

In this phase, avoid trying to find spots against more than one player. There is a good chance that your bluff will not pass or that you will encounter an opponent with a valuable hand as the game is a little tighter at the final table.