What approach you need to take to understand a game?

During recent years blackjack has become the most played casino game of the world both live as well as online. This games offer very great chance to the player to gain a lot of amount if it is properly played as per the strategy. It is not possible for any player to win each and every hand but if you approach some basic strategy then you can regularly win the hands and always earn great profit from the game. There are many people who always want to know how to win at blackjack, if you also want to win regularly then there are some ways by which you can win the hand.

Approach you need to follow

Hard hands

  • If you got the card that is range from between 5 to 8 then it is best for you to hit against the up card of dealer.
  • If your hand stands in 9 then go double, if dealer has a card 2-6 and hit if dealer has card between 7 to ace.
  • If you got 10 then do double against the dealer if he/she got 2 between 9.
  • If you got a hand that is range 17-21 then it is advised to you that you should always stand against the dealer.

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Soft hands

  • When you got an ace in a hand then follow these rules –
  • If you have got 13-15 with an ace then hit against the dealer.
  • If your hands total become 16 or 27 then go for a double if dealer cards lie in range 2-6.
  • If you got 18 then go for a double if dealer has card 2 to 6 while if he has 7 to 8 then stand and if dealer card has ace, 10 or 9 then go for a hit.
  • If you got 19-21 then you should stand.


Barbara Perryman