Top 4 Do or Die Situations Explained for Poker Tournaments!

Do you know what poker’s all about? Well, it’s about making more and more money! Sadly, even if you make all decisions right, it will not ensure you a win! You can be great at playing poker and still stand a chance to lose; as luck highly impacts poker! Although, if you understand and utilize the concept of EV (Expected Value), you can go a long way!

The situations which are highly impacted by ICM (Independent Chip Model) are where the money’s lost and won in poker tournaments. You can squash the entire tournament of poker and play an ICM-punt, which costs you all EV you crushed to build, at the final table.

In the article, we will be discussing top 4 do or die situations explained for poker tournaments. Here, I am assuming you are very well aware of ICM.

  1. ICM on Money Bubble

This ICM is the most frequent situation in a poker tournament. It does not matter if you choose to play on situs Judi online or are the high roller; making past money bubble can be very unfavorable to your win-rate. Being a short stack is not good in the tournament at any time, especially on the bubble. As a short stack, constantly monitor bubble and gauge whether you should take risks or not.

  1. ICM on Ultimate Table Bubble

Ultimate table bubble, unlike other ICM situations, is an exclusive situation. Always remember, if you are playing in the ICM environment you can’t call shoves wide, that gives an aggressor the advantage. You will also have to consider stack sizes, but if you become aggressive and build the large stack on an ultimate table bubble, you can have positive effects on future games.

  1. ICM during Final Six

This is something you need to learn, learn and learn. The results mainly decide the amount of money you will be making in tournaments with six players left! In fact, at the final table six-handed play is very advanced. Prefer a medium stack than a short stack. Look for the beneficial jamming situation and can’t fold/open too loose.

  1. ICM in the Satellites

Satellites seem to be a unique tournament model which demand severe ICM awareness. The key difference in normal tournaments and satellite tournaments are that each player has an equivalent right to win. If you wish to be a successful satellite player, you should have an ability to predict the length of the bubble.

For example, if you’re playing at situs Judi online with you having a second largest stack with 130 remaining players and 100 cash players, then you might want to go away from your laptop and cash effortlessly.

I would recommend you to study ICM spots often. It will help you improve the win-rate. If you have any questions or feedback let us know by commenting in the section below.