Tips for Online Gamblers


Whether you have experienced online gambling before or not, you would know there is risk involved. Whenever you are playing games that involve chance, there is a potential for loss.

Losing in gambling can be dangerous because you are using your hard-earned money. There is no way to ensure that you will win, but there are some ways to improve your overall gambling experience.

Tips for Online Gamblers

The reason casinos exist is that they generate profits. How they generate profits is through gamblers, like you, losing money. All casino games are statistically stacked in the casino’s favor. This is known as the House/Casino Advantage.

Gamblers are normally aware of this advantage but still choose to gamble because there is a probability that they will win – even if it’s just one hand.

There is nothing that you can do to change the statistical probability of winning a hand, but there are tips that we can offer which will limit poor decision making. Some of these tips are:

  • Trustworthy casinos

Whether you play at real casinos, or online, the idea is the same. Make sure you play at a casino that you can trust.

This is harder to determine with online casinos but can still be done with a bit of research. They may not always be accurate, but online reviews are a good way to determine the general consensus about a casino.

Make sure you are happy where you are spending your money, because there is nothing worse than depositing money to gamble, only to have that money disappear before you can use it.

  • Terms & Conditions

Just as important as the previous tip, is reading the terms & conditions of the casino that you choose to use.

Even if everything seems to be legit, there could be something that they sneak into the ‘fine print’ that does not benefit you. Whether it is related to bonuses, deposits, withdrawals or general gameplay, the terms and conditions will highlight every little detail of the casino – read them carefully.

  • Know the game you want to play

An obvious tip, but surprisingly ignored, is that you should know the game you want to play before playing it.

There are often technical aspects of the game that can improve your gameplay. These aspects won’t increase your possible win % but can allow you to make better use of opportunities when they present themselves.

Online casinos are a great opportunity to test your knowledge of games because you are not pressured into action and can take your time to consult your ‘how-to guide’.

  • Bankroll management

Probably one of the most controllable things we can recommend is to manage your bankroll (the money you have come to gamble with).

A good way to do this is by using percentages. By limiting your bets to a % of your total bankroll, you will be less likely to find yourself in a position where you go bust off a single game/hand.

  • Set limits

Similar to bankroll management, you should set limits for your gambling sessions. You should set strict win, loss, and time limits to improve your financial security.

These limits tell you when you must stop gambling. A win limit means you must stop once you have won a certain amount. A loss limit means you must stop once you have lost a certain amount and a time limit means you must stop once you have gambled for a certain length of time.

  • Slow down and control your emotions

Gambling decisions can very quickly become driven by emotion. By slowing down and taking your time between actions, you are less likely to do so.

Also, if you notice that you are getting frustrated at losing, or overly-excited from winning, you should probably take a break to calm down. Once these emotions have subsided you are ready to try again.

Keep emotions and gambling separate at all times.

  • Gambling is all about statistics

Do not try to make decisions based on trends. This is one of the biggest things new gamblers do. For example, if you are playing roulette and you noticed the last 10 throws have all resulted in black, do not think now is a good time to bet red. The probability of the next throw being red is the exact same as the previous 10.

All casino games are based on statistical probability and therefore each bet/hand should be played as if it is an entirely new game. No matter what happened before, do not let your decisions be influenced by apparent trends.


There is nothing that a gambler can do to ensure they will win, but the tips mentioned above will reduce your chances of making rookie errors.

By keeping calm and knowing what you are doing, you will have an overall better gambling experience. If you want to play online casino games for free, check out

Ernest Bushee