The Meaning of the Bets and the Strategies

The single most important thing to long-term success in betting is to create your own betting strategy. Without at least a medium-term plan, your own betting will easily become a mixed metal soup with no proper order.

The Right Strategy

A proper strategy is based on the question of what exactly you want from betting. Is it just an occasional pastime that you want to try because of the variation, or are you already a more experienced enthusiast who, however, is only looking for exciting moments in betting? One option, of course, is to aspire to be an active bettor like an active investor, which requires you to invest significantly more time over the species in which you thought you would succeed.


Another important part of the betting strategy is, of course, money and cash management . The size of your own bets must be proportional to the amount of money available. The bankroll should have enough buffer for both bad seasons and so-called bad beat bets, where a very unlikely match event completely confuses the probabilities of the match and thus also the odds.

It is also a good idea to keep a record of the history of your bankroll so that you know and know how to estimate the total stake of your own bet. It is also worth remembering that only a stupid bettor mixes his bankroll with other funds available in a personal bank account.

  • Develop for yourself a long-term system and principles that you will follow almost without exception. Most novice bettors make easy mistakes by trying to vary their own betting strategies right after a few poorly made bets. In such a situation, the most important thing is to keep your head cold and rely on your own betting system, which includes all those long-term sports and series selections, and especially the constraints and principles you set for yourself. For example, if you have decided, through statistical analysis, to bet on a team in the next three home games, keep the same line even if the home team loses in the first game.


Be realistic about your expectations and yourself. Especially in the early stages of a gaming career, a lot of the same things come to mind about betting as winning a lottery. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case, as profitable betting is a lot more work and less luck. So winning in betting is much more up to you, but luck is of course not ruled out, but part of the game. Expectations should be kept high enough, but still set them at a level that can be considered goals. You get bored of gaming and get frustrated quickly if you just expect quick wins.

Charlie Thacker