The Popularity of Playing Bingo at Home

The popularity of playing bingo from your own home is soaring. The emergence of numerous online bingo sites means that many people wanting to play this great game have plenty of options. On any of these websites you are able to play the bingo game that is usually enjoyed by so many in bingo halls without having to leave the comfort of your own house – perfect for the mobility-challenged or those who prefer to stay indoors.

Many players say that it is not so much the bingo that they love; it is the social interaction with other players that is possible when you chat online. Our recommended have several different chat rooms and players are able to chat with each other whilst checking their numbers. The game is played just like regular bingo: numbers are called and if you have that number on your card, you cover it and call bingo when you have covered all the relevant numbers required.

Most of these online bingo sites will allow a player to play either a single card or 3 or 6 cards at a time and although, obviously playing more cards at the same time can give you a better chance of winning, it is not advisable to play more cards than you can comfortably handle at any one time, as by doing so you may miss covering one of the called numbers, on one of the cards, which could cause you to miss being able to call bingo first. Some of these online bingo sites may also allow you to play games in the fast mode and although this may lead you to wins quicker, if you are playing at a speed that is too fast for you to accurately cover all the required numbers, you could again lose the game needlessly.


That being said, most of the sites give you the option of ‘autodaubing’, where the cards will be marked as the numbers are called regardless of whether you click them or not. This means you can get on with the business of chatting and having fun while your cards are marked for you – and you’ll win whether you’re paying attention or not!

Many of these sites may allow you the possibility to either play games where all the numbers on a card need to be covered before calling bingo, or offer you games where different patterns of numbers need to be covered and then calling bingo. Either way, it is not against ‘the house’ that you are playing, it is against the other players in that particular room which are playing the same game as you. The idea of the game is that you should try and cover all the required numbers on your card, before one of the other players, cover theirs.

Although you can play these games either for just fun or small amounts. Website such as offer free bingo no deposit games to players to join in jackpot games.


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