Mobile Casino Basics

Online gaming has become more portable with the use of tablets and smartphones. It is now possible for online casino players to log into their gaming account using their smart gadgets, and “play” their favorite online casino games.

Instant Play and Mobile Apps

Online casino games such as free money slots apps are quite intuitive, with touch-screen technology modified to fit smart gadgets’ small screen.

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There are two ways to access and play at a mobile casino – either through a mobile app or by instant play using a mobile browser on any iGadget, Android, Windows phone or Blackberry.

In the pre- HTML5 days, mobile casino games were only playable by downloading apps. Advancements in computer mark-up language have made it possible to access online casinos through any internet browser using iPhones and Androids. This makes it easy to switch casinos and games quickly.

On the other hand, one has to download and install a mobile casino app to access an online casino and its games including access to free money slots. Since the technology behind Androids and iPhones are different, their apps are not interchangeable. Since Google Play Store recently changed their policy regarding gambling apps, online casinos are gearing more on developing iPhone casino games apps. It seems that instant play using mobile browser is the practical choice for mobile casino gamers.

Where to Download Mobile Casino Apps

Android:  Users may download mobile casino apps by visiting the online casino or in some cases through the Google Play Store. It does not matter what brand of Android phone is used. The app will easily download if the internet connection is good.

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Apple iGadget: Mobile casino apps download for iPhone and iPad are available from App Store. Or the app itself can be directly downloaded from the casino website. Just check for the Apple logo. Incompatibility between iGadgets and Adobe Flash has been resolved.

Blackberry: Gamers using Blackberry phones will have no trouble with instant play casinos and other online gambling sites. In some cases, Android mobile apps are downloadable from the online casino website.

Windows Phone: Users of Windows phone may enjoy trouble-free instant play using mobile browser. Though there is a limited number of Windows apps, its mobile OS supports Flash, Java and HTML 5, and all other software used to power mobile casino instant play.

If you prefer to play online casino games through your mobile phone, do not save your login details. In case you lose your mobile phone, no one can access your casino account and other social sites.