Guide to the Types of Bets in Soccer

Betting is far more complicated than other gambling activity. The number of options in roulette online or online blackjack is less than in soccer betting and there are a lot of ways of how to bet soccer. This article will furnish you with the info on each type of bet and how it works. Having familiarized yourself with all the betting options you will choose the bet type that is good for only you and that will help you win.

Money line

Money line is interested in who will become a winner. When you bet on the money line, you just have to select which side will win the match. The odds are represented by a figure greater than 100, and it can be positive or negative. The favorite usually has minus in front of the figure, and the underdog has ahead of the figure. For instance, the money line for a slight favorite might be -110, implying that you would have to wager $110 to make a profit of $100.

Point Spread

With point spread you have only two options, home win and away win. The draw doesn’t count. If the game ends in a draw, the stake will be considered a ‘push’ and stakes will be paid back.

Over/Under Goals

Here you’re betting on the number of scored goals. For instance, the line is set at “1.5” and you can either bet over (2 or more goals) or under (1 goal).

Total Goals

This type of bet is also known as Totals. It looks like a bet type from the previous category, in this one the lines are usually 0-1, 2-3, 4+. But the amount of goals is about the whole game, not just one team.

First / Anytime Goalscorer

These are two absolutely different types of bets although they have much in common. The “first goalscorer” is a very venturesome stake, it is very difficult to foresee. All you need to do is to name the player that will score a goal first. A bet on anytime goalscorer is one to consider, especially if you’re betting on a scorer from a team that plays in offensive manner, with bigger chance to score. Still make certain that the player you bet on is in the starting lineup (some bookmakers however will let you have your money back if your player wasn’t opening).


It is also called a straight bet, this is the easiest type of bet: you just need to pick the correct result of a match to win the wager.

Multiple (a.k.a. Parlay, Combo)

A multiple is a bet that includes two or more bets together. Multiples are very profitable but they are risky since every bet in your multiple has to be winning. The most popular types of multiples are doubles and trebles.

Half Time Result

The name speaks for itself, and resemble the Correct Score bet. Again, they are venturesome. Most of the time it is not easy make a good prediction, and you’re just off guessing and taking shots in the dark. There is no good investment there.

Remember about unlawful Internet gambling and bet safe at reliable sports books.


Barbara Perryman