How Lost $140k In A Reward System Bug

Shortly after allowed the multiplayer battle game Dota2 to be one of the games that could verify new users, the support staff noticed a huge influx of new signups. Under normal conditions this would be a blessing for a community gaming site such as Gamdom, however, after several weeks continually rising new users Gamdom noticed that a lot of these new users signed up on new Steam accounts and the majority originated in Russia and the Ukraine.

This flood of new Dota2 users quickly began draining available new user bonuses. Gamdom tried to counter this drain by increasing the number of hours required in Dota2 to be eligible for the free coins. But the reward system abusers found a way around this issue as well, instead of having 1000–2000 accounts claiming bonuses each day, the abusers focused more on creating accounts and then accumulating the number of hours needed to earn rewards. This resulted in more than 10000–15000 accounts claiming the free coins every day. A huge number that forced Gamdom to respond. In addition to the user bonuses, if as few as 10% of these fraudulent accounts won enough to withdraw bitcoin, Gamdom would be forced to payout as much as 15–20,000 dollars each day! Gamedom does give out approximately 5000 dollars worth of reward incentives each day to verified users, but the influx of fraudulent Dota2 related accounts had to be stopped. was forced to disable the Dota2 verification process for as those who abused a loophole in the reward system cost Gamdom 140,000 dollars! Gamdom closed the loophole which allowed the creation of thousands of fraudulent user accounts as it was a gross violation of their Terms Of Service. Dota2 will still be accepted on however, you will not be able to use it to verify your new Gamdom account. Nor is Gamdom closing their existing Dota2 Deposit or Withdrawal system.

Moving forward, new users will still be able to verify their account using Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Those users already verified prior to these changes will still be verified, you will not be required to reverify by CSGO or PUBG. To learn more, visit the biggest and most fun community gaming site.

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