Five Myths about Gambling Online Busted



The online gambling industry has been flourishing in the last few years. It is also heavily reliant on luck and chance. It is because most people have some misconceptions surrounding how to win and what you must not do if you want to win big. There are so many myths out there, and we are here to debunk a few of them.

Myth #1 The more you click, the more you lose

One prevalent misconception, when it comes to online gambling, is that you could lose everything. However, online casinos have features that regulate the amounts you deposit and your bet sizes. They give details about how long you have been playing. These features limit your game play and are there to protect the online player from losing too much. They protect the player from making massive deposits or bets than they had planned. Some online sites have self-exclusion programs to deter a player from opening another account once he has quit.

Myth #2 Online gambling encourages underage gambling

The universally held notion that online gambling supports underage gambling is another myth we need to debunk. Unlike physical casinos where an underage person who “looks” of age will be allowed to sit at a slot machine, online casinos are strict when it comes to age. As a matter of fact, there are strict regulations that require proper identification before you are allowed to play. Online casinos have put in place strict systems to detect false information in their software. It is, therefore, misleading to say that online gambling encourages young people to gamble.

Myth #3 Casino operators are all dishonest

It isn’t shocking that wherever cash is involved, people will believe this. We don’t easily trust people with our money. Well, in gambling, this couldn’t be further from the truth. However, online gambling is heavily regulated, and security is of utmost importance. The licencing authorities carry out extensive background checks on all vendors who run online gambling sites. For example, in the United States, vendors are given licences according to their area of jurisdiction after extensive and thorough background checks.

However, it is crucial to know where the online site is licenced because there are countries that are not as strict in following up on what kind of online licence the vendor is acquiring.

Myth #4 Casino games are rigged

Most, if not all, players are sore losers. It is common for players to think that a game is rigged to the advantage of the other team. Unfortunately, it is not the case when it comes to online gambling. Most licenced online gambling sites are heavily regulated and undergo rigorous evaluations and heavy scrutiny to ensure impartiality. Examination and certification of all games are crucial at every level and are not easily left to chance. For fairness, online sites employ the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG is a system where a sophisticated algorithm ensures games are as random as they can be.

A vast majority of online casinos hire auditing agencies to reassure their clients of a fair game. Some of these companies include:

  • eCOGRA
  • GLI
  • Jacobsen
  • TST
  • iTech Labs

Myth #5 You will not be paid your winnings.

When transacting online, most people tend to be very wary when it comes to handling money. Online casinos handle these issues very well. There is a general misconception that once you play online and win, you will not receive your payment. 

This myth is untrue, as it goes against all business practices. Casinos thrive by having players coming back to their sites as much as they can. If they do not pay up after a player has won, it is to their detriment.  However, some circumstances force the casino to withhold the earnings of a player if, for example, they suspect fraud. 

Another scenario where a casino may hold on to a payout is in an instance where a player gives wrong information like giving out credit card details of another person or fraudulent information. In this case, most online casinos return the players’ deposits and terminate their accounts. 

It is also imperative that players verify the casinos before they start playing. Some casinos have stringent terms and conditions on their payouts, so check and read through their terms to know how the cash payout works before you proceed with gaming. 

Carry out due diligence as you are looking for a reputed online casino. Find the one that is regularly audited by independent firms. Scour the internet for websites that also review various online gambling sites and make sure you do your research before you begin online gambling. Nevertheless, all honest online casinos do pay and are always more than happy to do so.