Blackjack is the Favorite Game to Play in Online Casinos

Blackjack or as some call it “21”, is the most popular game in the world for easy learning and understanding, which is very popular among Arabs and available in many Arab casinos dating back decades to France and Italy. It is also a group game with up to ten players and because the game is based on bets it contains a lot of mystery and curiosity, so it was necessary to transfer them from the traditional casinos to online casinos to be a strong start for the Blackjack online on computers and mobile phone.

Ease of the game

Despite the ease of the game, it needs to focus, where the aim of the game Blackjack is to get a total of 21 in your cards to become the winner and not to exceed this figure or else you will lose your bet and graduated from the game, but if you get a number less you will be a loser if the cards distribute more of your papers, as he distributor is your biggest challenge in the game.

Way to play

As for the way Blackjack is played, players first sit around the betting table in front of the dealer and place their bet in the betting area on the table. The dealer then hands out two cards to each player before the cards are revealed and the dealer puts two cards in front of the distributor.

Calculate value

How do you calculate the value of the paper? The value of each paper is determined by the number on the paper, and this applies only to leaves 2 to 10, while the pictures of the king, the girl, the boy and their value are 10, and the value of the paper bearing number 1 or what some call “ace” or 11 at the request of the cards are revealed and the dealer puts two cards in front of him.