Avoid Casinos That Are Looking Forward To Ripping You Off

It’s a sad fact of the casino business that right alongside the honest casinos, there are those that would like nothing more than to part you with your money. You might say; isn’t that what every casino wants? The answer would be yes and no. The casino definitely wants to make money, so yes they want you to spend your money but they also want to keep you hooked, so they want you to win occasionally as well. So, reputed casinos will provide you a level playing field and then it’s your luck and your expertise that will make or break you.

Characteristics of shady casinos

Fraud casinos don’t care about making their customers happy, their only goal is money. The owners of such casinos have no intention of surviving long term. So, they try to trap as many people as they can and as fast as they can. These websites will never appear in OnlineCasinoGuide.co.nz or other such lists. They will probably offer outrageous deposit bonuses, which will be hard to turn away from. They will go as far as to plant false reviews in forums and blogs. But usually it’s not too hard to spot such sites if you are careful enough.Image result for Avoid Casinos That Are Looking Forward To Ripping You Off

How to spot the frauds

A reputed website will most definitely be mentioned in OnlineCasinoGuide.co.nz and other such lists and guides. Fraud sites on the other hand will be rather obscure. If you try to find out more information about the website you will probably find only scraps of info. You should try to find out how old the casino is, a rather newly minted site is more likely to be fraudulent compared to one that has been around for years. A reputed website will be upfront about their origins whereas a shady casino will give out as little information as they can and their About us page will probably only have a few lines written on it. Check out reviews and testimonials as well. Though it is quite possible to plant those, it is also not very hard to spot a genuine review and a fake one.

Ernest Bushee