Avail The December Bonus Of Party Poker

What else can be more interesting than poker! You get entertainment, lots of fun and you earn quite a lot of money. The best amongst online poker is the party poker. Those who have not yet joined the poker, there is a wonderful offer waiting for you. It is the party poker welcome deal. Let’s take a look into what this offer has in store for you.

Party poker welcome deal

This deal is only restricted to December 2018. However, there is a difference between the players of UK and other players. The players of UK get $22 in tournament tokens for a deposit value of just $10. On the other hand, get a welcome bonus of maximum £250. All these perks are available on Party Poker bonus code. These bonus tokens are available for both tournament games and SNG games. Through these bonus coupons, you get free access to the satellite. As a result, you get big money seats in the finale.

Cash back system in party poker

In party poker, Mondays are very special. It is on Mondays that the players get their cash back bonuses. The tables that were emptied or rather, the ones who lost their bankrolls previous week, gets another chance to win some cash. Therefore, you can already estimate that not all players are strong. It is a mixed game.

Cash back works on the system of paying rewards. These rewards are based on the points that you gather at the tables on the previous week. The rewards range from 20% to a generous amount of 40%. For earning cash back, every player needs to go through a one-time opt-in process. Then, party poker will make calculations upon the points that you have collected last week. Accordingly, the money will be collected as per your points that you have earned. The gaming tycoons can earn up to a maximum of 40% cash back.

Payment methods

Payments can be made through four different ways. They are:

  1. Credit or debit cards
  2. Virtual visa or master card
  3. Electronic wallets
  4. Bank transfers or gateways


Now, the final lap of the party poker is the bonus code. The code for winning the bonus of December 2018 is ‘SNGPLANET’. While you put forward this code make sure that you land into the game with $22 in your pocket. If you are a lucky one, 100% matched bonus may be available too.