Are Japanese Online Casinos Safe To Play? – A to Z Guide

Japan has been the topmost country for online betting operators. The reason is its close proximity to the Russian, South Korean, and China players. Japanese people love playing all types of ‘game of chance’ or you can say, gambling. But, unfortunately, governmental regulations and legislation do not allow the land-based casinos to operate in the country. Luckily, the scenario has changed nowadays with the evolution of the online casino.

Use of Japanese Language

There are no nationally licensed casinos in Japanese lingo because the government does not permit web gaming. As the gambling market and desires of players are increasing rapidly, so many operators are now providing casino in the Japanese language with a guarantee of fair games. Hence, find the right option for you, ensuring it is regulated and operated in the Japanese lingo.   

Is Online Betting Legal In Japan?

As already discussed above, casino web betting, in general, is banned in Japan. Its use in brick & mortar and online casinos is prohibited under the criminal code, chapter 23. It does not mean that gambling does not exist on the web in Japan. There are many casino websites that provide various kinds of legal games. In simple terms, before signing up in any site, you must check that it is licensed by a recognized authority.

The Japanese government allows offshore web casinos. So, you can start betting safely through legally accepted websites. If you’re confused how to identify the trusted casino, then visit the website that provides the list of Japanese online casinos, after testing them for several security parameters and other aspects. This would be the best way to play interesting gambling games on licensed casinos with no risk of getting cheated or losing your hard-earned money.      

Money Depositing Process

Once you have selected the trusted and legally accepted web casino and created an account, the very first thing you have to do is deposit the money to bet. This amount is taken from your balance, every time you gamble. The reputed website provides different types of banking or money deposit options to add and withdraw the money such as MasterCard debit card, NETELLER, and more.  

Web Casinos Sites In Japan

Japanese players need to be very careful while searching the legal casinos online, in order to avoid the investment of money in illegal games. But, thankfully, you don’t need to find the site, all by yourself. As discussed above, there are many companies that provide the list of web casinos with positive reviews from the players, game options, relevant license, and other vital information to solve your queries.   

Verified JPY Casinos Online

Well, it might be possible to find some legal online casinos in the Japanese language, but not all of them offer JPY (Japanese Yen) as a currency. The top web casinos accept Japanese players and allow them to play various sorts of games, but they do not accept JPY. Hence, you have to deposit the money in other available currencies.  

Future Of Online Betting In Japan

From the points discussed above, it is clear that Japan has highly strict rules for casino (online and offline). The players do not get the high gaming experience by making bets on roulette, video slots, and video poker games in the local web casino Japanese Yen. Betting is considered legal only on baseball, horse racing, bicycle racing, and lottery. The country has been thinking to make new updates in casino policies. But, it has not been implemented in real-world. No one can predict whether Japanese online casinos will be completely approved by the government in the future, but there are some hopes for positive improvements.  


Charlie Thacker